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Calm Lake

Top 6 Projects

Hangman's Bollywood Saga


It's word-guessing game set in Bollywood's world, inspired from classic Hangman game.

Product Hunt Launch Page

Product Journal


Blog where I share my perspective on products, product case studies and teardowns and my experiences in product management. ​


The Lemonade Stand


$5 Challenge - The aim was to earn profits using the INR 500 (~$5) given to us in 3 days.​ My team and I opened a lemonade stand and sold lemonade and other beverages and generated 100%+ profits in 3 days. 

Remindoze App


Created Remindoze app to send automatic payment reminders to others for subscription sharing purposes.

Product Hunt Launch Page

Market Research


Conducted market research for Tata Global Beverages to understand the factors that directs users to purchase unpackaged tea purchase and inhibits them from buying packaged tea.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing for a Restaurant in Manipal, Karnataka - Increased restaurant's brand awareness by 5% and brand engagement over social media by 10% among the student community of Manipal.

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